Types of Sinks

There are four main types of sinks currently on the market. While all sinks are available in a variety of colors and a wide range of materials, they are all categorized by one of the following types:


Undermount sinks are the most common upgrade from the cheap traditional drop-in sinks. They offer great added value, timeless style and are the most functional of all the types of sinks available in the market today. They mount directly to the bottom of the countertop. A cutout is made in the countertop, which is nicely finished to compliment the rest of the countertop area. Food and other items can simply be swept from the countertop surface, directly into the sink.


Drop-in sinks are most commonly found on laminate countertops and also laundry room countertops. While being priced slightly cheaper than undermount sinks there are no benefits other than cost. A cutout is made and the sink “drops in” from the top, these sinks feature a large lip around the edges which is adhered to the countertop.


Vessel sinks is the newest trend in sink fashion. They offer sleek, colorful and thousands of variations of styles. Vessels sit directly on top if the countertop. Only a single hole is drilled for the plumbing.


Farm-house sinks are by far the oldest and most traditional style of sink still on the market today. It offers a look and feel like no other sink. It features a unique style of countertop cutout which wraps around the sink. Farm-house sinks often feature decorative fronts to compliment countertop fixtures. This style of sink does require a custom cabinet to be design and built around the sink, advanced planning with your cabinet maker is necessary.

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