Stone Repair

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We cater to home owners, remodelers, builders and contractors with granite, marble and quartz surface issues. Our skilled staff is always willing to go out to a job site and inspect and asses any surface problems. Our surface polishers are some of the most skilled and experienced in the south eastern United States and there are few surface issues they are unable to repair to a brilliant mirror finish.

Our dedicated installation crews can easily repair minor flaws that have developed over the years such as seam settlement, chips and surface scratches without having to remove the countertops.

Repair Services

  • Granite, marble and quartz surface scratch removal
  • Re-attachment of undermount sinks
  • Seam refinishing
  • Cleaning and sealing granite, marble and quartz surfaces
  • Chip repair

What you should Know

  • Depending on the age of your current countertops, it could be impossible to match your granite countertops with the slabs currently available on the market.
  • Granite seams can require some maintenance over the years due to settling of your home's foundation and cabinets.
  • We are not licesened to do any plumbing or electricity. We are surface professionals.
  • Chips can appear over years of normal use. They are most often found around the edges of the sink cut-out.
  • While granite is an extremely hard and durable surface, scratches or dull areas can form due to years of extensive use.