Stone Disclaimer

Natural stone countertops, Marble, Granite, Limestone, and any quarried materials are products of nature. These surfaces will enhance any kitchen or bath design with unique characteristics that can only be found in natural stone. As a natural product, there are some qualities of the material, fabrication, and installation that must be understood by the homeowner:

  • All natural stone colors are species of natural materials; coloration, veining, and texture (i.e.: pitts, fissures, and fragmentation) will vary from samples and will be part of the finished product.
  • Natural stone thickness may vary from slab to slab, even within the same species of stone. 3cm product is a nominal 1 1/4“ thick +/- 1/4”. 2cm product is a nominal 3/4” thick, +/- 1/8”.
  • Natural stone countertops usually require seams. Slab sizes have no relationship to seam placement. Location and number of seams is a function of manufacturing and installation. Seam placement is at the sole discretion of Elegante Surfaces, LLC.
  • All natural stone countertops have varying levels of hardness, weight, and tensile strength associated with the product. As such, we recommend that unsupported spans are kept to a minimum as per generally accepted standards for each species. Unsupported spans risk cracking and even breaking if heavy weight or forces are applied to them. Elegante Surfaces, LLC will not be responsible for cracking or breakage that occurs after installation due to the application of heavy weight or force over unsupported spans of countertops.
  • Natural stone countertops are sealed at the time of installation in order to help reduce the natural porosity of the stone. Countertops will still be susceptible to staining. Elegante Surfaces, LLC will not be responsible for any stains that may occur in natural stone countertops. Simple maintenance using Stone Cleaners along with a Stone Sealer should greatly reduce the potential for staining. Understanding the above characteristics of natural stone as a counter surface will help you to enjoy the qualities that can only be realized with natural stone.
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