Surface Maintenance

How to Care for Your New Natural Stone Surface:

  • Avoid exposing your stone to oils, citric acids, oven cleaners, nail polish remover, etc. for long periods of time. If contact does occur, rinse off immediately with water.
  • Do not drop or pound heavy or sharp items on surfaces.
  • Cutting directly on tops with knives will dull your cutlery.
  • Avoid putting hot items on your tops. This may burn out your sealer.
  • Reseal counter surfaces as preventative maintenance.

How to Maintain Your New Stone Surface:

  • We recommend Dupont™ Stone Tech Professional Revitalizer for daily cleaning. However, you can use mild soapy water (without lotion or dye additives), non-abrasive, and ammonia free cleaners.
  • Try a mesh covered sponge with your favorite daily cleaner for more stubborn food residue.

Sealing Your Stone:

  • We recommend that you reseal your stone countertops once every year. Resealing your countertop will greatly improve your stone’s ability to resist discoloration from stains.
  • We recommend a solvent based sealer, such as Dupont™ Stone Tech Professional Impregnator Pro or Dupont™ Stone Tech Professional BulletProof sealers
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