Edge Profiles

Eased Pencil Quarter Bevel Half Bevel
Eased Pencil Quarter Bevel Half Bevel
Double Pencil Double Bevel Half Bullnose Full Bullnose
Dupont Cove Ogee Ogee Bullnose
Cove OgeeBullnose
Double Ogee Triple Pencil    
DoubleOgee TriplePencil    

What you should Know

  • Edge profiles are applied to all exposed edges of countertops.
  • Some are custom hand farbicated and other are made with high speed diamond crusted router bits.
  • Edge profile cost is calculated per linear foot.
  • Matching edge profile can be done around undermount sink cutout edges at an addiotional cost.
  • Open areas which contain fridges, stoves or lines up with cabinets will be flat polished.