Custom Stone Work

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We at Elegante Surfaces, LLC have had many customers inquire about one-of-a-kind custom projects to be fabricated out of granite, marble and quartz surfaces. In addition to superior hand fabrication, we also utilize our Water Jet cutting and Laser Etching systems to aid us in producing virtually any custom items. We are able to incorporate a variety of materials into any project. Elegante Surfaces, LLC can turn your creative visions into a reality!

We’ve made custom flower boxes, benches, sinks, pedestals, ashtrays, clocks, tissue boxes, display boxes, thresholds, showers, tables, desks, mail boxes, plates, cutting boards and much, much more!

What you should Know

  • Natural stone can fade/discolor when left outside without proper annual heavy duty sealer coating..
  • Natural stone and Quartz are very heavy. Keep that in mind if you have an idea for a custom piece that needs to be moved around often.
  • We generally work with 2cm and 3cm thick materials. To increase thickness lamination of materials is required.