Custom Inlays

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Give your kitchen or vanity countertop, island, fireplace or outside bar a unique twist. Perhaps tie in design elements present in your cabinets, crown molding or furniture pieces in the room to create a unique look. We have the ability to personalize your countertops, whether you want something as simple as your initials, or something as complex as a full size medallion with multiple colors and shapes that stretches across your foyer. We will work with you to create the perfect unique piece that will set your home, business or product apart from all the rest.

With a state-of-the-art Calypso waterjet cutting system, we are also able to cut virtually anything with the combination of high pressure water and an abrasive mixture. With in-house CAD design capabilities, we are able to take any of your design ideas, digitally draft them, and transform an array of materials into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Whether it’s a simple in-lay into your countertop, a corporate sign or full color floral backsplash, we can turn any creative vision into a reality.

Granite, marble, quartz, brass, steel and copper, whether it’s thick or thin (tiles or slabs!) we have the experience and skill set to work any surface, texture and color into the product you desire. Take a look at our gallery for more examples of our waterjet work.

What you should Know

  • Inlays are cut on our Calypso waterjet system, using high pressure water and an abrasive mixture.
  • Pricing greatly depends on the type of material, material thickness and cut time.
  • All designs have to be drafted into AutoCAD for an estimate.
  • Floor medallions can be done with grout spacing or without.
  • Sizing limited to 132" x 84" due to cutting bed size.